What’s Making Your Email Marketing Ineffective?

Email marketing is one of the most proven, reliable digital marketing tactics. Having been in existence since the earliest days of the internet, there are few companies that don't include email as part of their marketing strategy. But just because email marketing is ubiquitous, does not mean it's universally well-executed. In fact, without effective management and regular oversight, many email marketing campaigns are left to languish, and the results they generate gradually dwindle. If your email marketing campaigns aren't performing, it's less likely to be a failing of the channel itself and more likely to be a result of missed opportunities for optimization.
Below we cover some of the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to managing and executing their email marketing campaigns.

1. An absence of goals
It's true of all digital marketing campaigns that setting proper goals is the essential first step to success. Old, legacy campaigns like email marketing a…

5 Best Practices For Small Business Websites

A small business needs to work harder than its business counterparts do. While a big brand does not have a strict budget and resource, a small business needs to take every step carefully. It cannot experiment with strategies for too long, and therefore, has to follow a strict set of rules. However, every small business has the potential to outshine its peer group.

A small business's official website is the platform that can get used to take the game to a whole new level. Are you wondering how this is possible? Some practices can help a small business grow, and increase its conversion rate.

Practice 1: Incorporating Informative Videos
Web visitors do not like to read long, textual content anymore. If they are looking for some information, the information should get delivered to them as fast as possible. Adding crisp, precise and informative videos is the perfect solution to the problem. Visitors will not only find you interesting, but you will also have enough whitespace to add som…

Online Reputation Management Is Important For a Business?

What attracts a customer to a certain business? Yes, the products and services obviously have a huge role to play. However if taken a closer look, you will quickly notice that it is the reputation which "makes or breaks" the foundation of a business. Did you notice that a business's reputation has just been referred to as its foundation? This is because a positive image development is extremely essential for a business in this growing world of the Internet.

The rapid growth in the number of review websites and blog sites has made it a lot easier for business owners to engage and interact with their existing customers. It has also become easier for them to attract and rope in new customers on board. The phenomenon known as Web 2.0 is responsible behind encouraging businesses to publish their works, share and exchange info, and connect with potential customers. However, these customer engagement tools can also act against the services and products provided by a business, as…

Learning about Types of Customer Switching Costs

It can take some time for a new customer to become a profitable one for the new supplier. At the same time, switching costs make it an expensive endeavor for customers to choose a new supplier. To help us understand the issue, let's consider three types of Switching Costs that exist:

Direct Switching Costs
These are the immediate costs for customers when they switch suppliers. There are costs incurred during the search for new suppliers, mostly in the form of time. There is often a contract penalty for early termination. Finally, there is the risk that the new supplier is not the reliable replacement that they appear to be.

RelationshipRelated Switching Costs
These are the costs incurred through the interactions with the new supplier. These "learning costs" are often underestimated when a customer entertains the switch. A new supplier often requires the customer to expand their comfort zone, and not many customers are thrilled to do that.

Other rel…

How To Make Your Product Stand Out With Local SEO

When you stay in a specific area to check out products/services on the internet, effortlessly, you wish to prefer local SERP's shown in Google and other web search tools. Basically, local SEO is an arrangement of distinct standards and directions utilized by the digital marketing experts to improve websites for particular topographical areas.

For example- if you enhance your website for the local market, Google will show the website or its pages unmistakably to local visitors initially and after that to the guests living in remote zones. In the event that you run a nearby business in your local area, it is imperative to enhance your website for the neighborhood market. But, how will you do this? Let's find out.

Put A Local Address on Your Website
Google uses your site's details to show it in nearby indexed lists. In this way, while optimizing your site for a specific domain name, you ought to take after the Google's rules for local SEO. As a matter of first importance, pu…

The Importance of a Website Analysis

A website analysis is the best place to start when considering or beginning an SEO campaign. In order to execute successful SEO it makes sense to investigate where your problem areas lie and what needs immediate attention.
The significant benefits of a website analysis are as follows:

Identify Internal Problems
Website analysis checks all of the structural elements of a website that are relevant to SEO. It makes sure that metadata is included where it is supposed to be and checks the quality of your internal and external links and anchors. Your analysis will also advise on how deep your pages are (how many clicks it takes to get to), how old (or last updated), if they take too long to load (kilobytes) and how accessible your website is to Search Engines (robots file and sitemap).

Making sure these important structural elements are correct not only ensures the Search Engines can correctly navigate their way around your website, it also lays a strong foundation for any future SEO work …

Benchmarking and Growth Hacking - The Same, Only Different

While I have never been one to use the latest buzzwords, "growth hacking" is a concept worth adopting and its implementation can be the difference between your company thriving or just surviving. If we look back in history, the closest concept to growth hacking would be "benchmarking", which is the practice of analyzing your competitors to see if you can learn methods of improving your market position. According to, the objectives of benchmarking are (1) to determine what and where improvements are called for, (2) to analyze how other organizations achieve their high performance levels, and (3) to use this information to improve your company's performance.

In the digital age, growth hacking does share some of the same attributes of benchmarking, but on a much deeper level. Growth hacking concentrates more on gaining market traction through application of data driven strategies that are tested, retested, and duplicated across as many platfo…